Ikasnabar 2013 - The Conference

6th International Conference on Open Education and Technology, organized by AITOR CASTAÑEDA and others. The topic of this year has been "MOOCS, PLE and eLearning platforms". The event took place in Zalla (Biscay, Spain) from 9 to 11 July, 2013. The official site of the Conference is here

  • General chair: Gorka J. Palazio.
  • Program co-chairs: Inmaculada Maiz, Carlos Castaño.
  • Organizing Committee: Aitor Castañeda, Paula Pineda, Marijo Deogracias, Javier Ortega.

Advertising video done by Gorka Palazio, in English (clic here to watch the spot in Spanish or here to watch it in Basque).

Javier Portillo, mayor of Zalla, wellcoming in English (clic here to watch the speech in Spanish or here to watch it in Basque).

Some photographs of the Conference taken by Gorka Palazio and other members of the Organizing Committee here

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