Digital advertising in Euskadi. Online advertising-management of generalist journals of the Basque Autonomous Country


This research analyses the management processes of advertising in digital journals of general information in the Basque Autonomous Country (Spain). The research shows the most demanded advertising formats for the press, as well as its business models, metrics and perspectives for the future. Researchers interviewed advertising managers of the four main press groups of the Country. The managers described the versatility of the Advertising, preferring multiscreen formats and the CPM per impressions to measure the its efficiency. They also focus on branded content as a financial source for digital newspapers, as well as advertising.

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Epalza Lahuerta, Egoitz; Castañeda Zumeta, Aitor; Pazos Illarramendi, Malen (2020). «La publicidad digital en Euskadi. Gestión publicitaria en línea de los diarios generalistas de la Comunidad Autónoma del País Vasco», Zer, 25(49), 189-204.

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